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Hillcrest Community Park

Hillcrest Community Park, Olivera Rd & Grant St, Concord, CA 94520

One of the best playgrounds in the Bay Area, designed with wheelchairs in mind.  A gazebo that's used nearly every weekend of the year.  Korean War Veterans Memorial.  Baseball diamonds and soccer fields.  Model airplane area.  Duck Pond.  Redwood grove.  Next door to a horse arena.  Not far from the drive-in theater that doubles as a flea market.  Easy access from two freeways.

The park gets a lot of use, but it rarely feels crowded.  Many soccer leagues hold their games here.  As mentioned earlier, the gazebo is famous, and I've seen bouncy houses, catered lunches, even live bands here (and my daughter crashes the parties, of course).  If you want to walk, strolling around the sports fields gives you a good long workout, and you can continue west toward Solano Way to make it even longer.

Watch out for the shady characters, though.  There's more of them here than at Todos Santos Plaza.  They're mostly harmless, but they're there, minding their own business (take that, grammar police).

Anyway, if you see a little girl feeding the ducks, looking for mermaids, or shooing the geese back into the drink, and her daddy's close by, say hi to us.

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