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Willow Pass Community Park

Willow Pass Community Park, 2748 E Olivera Rd, Concord, CA 94519

One of the BEST Tennis courts in the area! Now that they have installed the lights, I can play until 10 pm or so with my friends. The court has some cracks, but overall for a free public place to play tennis, it is awesome. 8 courts, plenty of parking, benches for people to sit, and always maintained. I am here every week, taking advantage of the open space. 

Just about every night there are lots of people here playing softball, all pre-arranged teams and games. It may be hard to find parking during certain hours because so many people here are taking advantage of the 2 or 3 softball fields in this park. They also apparently have batting cages, though I've never been inside. 

Aside from the softball and tennis courts, there is an open space if you want to just throw frisbee, soccer, or football around. No basketball court, no volleyball court, no skateboarding/rollerblading allowed, and no picnic area, although there is the Willow Pass Community Center, which you can hold events, parties, gatherings, dances, etc. It's very interesting sometimes, playing tennis and listening to weddings, mariachi bands, and hip hop music. 

Overall, the park is very shady, lots of huge trees, plenty of parking, open space, and Pixieland nearby, a great place for young children, and cow gazing across the street. Lol.

Oh and people, the Tennis Court is NOT a soccer field !! Go elsewhere or learn to play tennis instead!!

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