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Meadow Homes Spray Park

Meadow Homes Spray Park, 1351 Detroit Ave, Concord, CA 94520

The largest free spray park in the area. It was clean, not crowded. My son had the best time, it was very suitable for little toddlers. They have an area for different age groups. Perfect for a hot day, we had no issue parking, either.


We've enjoyed the renovated park for the past few years. We love bringing the kids. The features are great for even new walkers, my LO start walking just one month prior and had a blast. We had to stay REAL close because he was one of the smallest children. He would get bumped by older children, including his cousins, and needed to see we were nearby. Plus, if he was more than a few feet away he'd get lost in. the sea of kids (it was a crowded weekend). 

We go once a year as a group of 20 or so, which is really enjoyable for children and adults. No matter how crowded the park there seems to plenty of room and others gathering don't mind having neighboring park goers. 

My only complaint is that parking is minimal. Knowing that parking is a hassle has made us change our weekend plans a couple times.

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