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Ellis Lake Park

Ellis Lake Park, 1736 Clayton Rd, Concord, CA 94520

I love this little crap hole of a pond because of the hungry largemouth bass biting year round. If you don't mind the marihuana smoke and the shady character juveniles, this is an excellent little fishing spot. The largest bass I've caught from this pond was 6lbs. That's a nice fish. I've also seen people catch huge carp from here. But wash your hand's people, because fish aren't the only thing you will find being exposed to this water. But if you're a diehard fisherman, ensure you've fished toxic waste ponds before so you know none of this will stop you... 

I always seem to catch bass on black, and blue jigs, about 1/2 oz slow bounce it across the lake make sure to use at least 40lb braid you will get snagged.

I would not, however, recommend going to this park with your children or toddlers or if you're expecting. I honestly believe that being exposed to all the toxic garbage in the pond and the record-breaking amounts of duck and goose crap, could cause congenital disabilities or possible mental retardation of young children. Sometimes I wonder how many rapes have happened at this park or when I am going to fish a body out of the water. There are broken beer bottles on the playground, more animal fecal matter than grass, used condoms, and I have fished out several entire bicycles from the pond along with several shopping carts and black trash bags full of garbage. People will approach you for rolling papers, blunts, or buy them alcohol if they're underage or even to ask you for money in general. Every time I lock my car and leave it to fish, I am worried it will get stolen, so I like to park around the corner. This feels like a little place in the middle of Concord that the police and the city have forgotten about, so they let it go by the wayside.

But I love it...

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