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Sky High Sports

Sky High Sports - Concord, 1631 Challenge Dr, Concord, CA 94520

Before I even stepped foot in this place, I was greeted with such professionalism and friendliness from Kelley on the phone! I called a few days before to ask several questions about Sky High Sports. Kelley suggested reserving our jump time online and completing the online waivers so that we could save time. She was right! We bypassed the line on a Friday night, and the check-in process couldn't have been any easier! IDs were checked, and wristbands were attached, and our party was on our way to a jumptastic time! One hour was more than enough time for our party to work up a sweat and check out the different trampoline arenas. We had a blast and were all exhausted and hungry by the end! A great workout! I love that they have a Special Kids Court for kids under 8, so my toddler had her own space to jump around and not worry about any older kids, and once she felt more comfortable, she was welcome in the Main Court too. 

The place was well-staffed at each arena, and they were attentive and quick to remind kids of the rules (no running, no sitting down, no aggressive-playing) which I appreciated since it seemed some parents were not supervising their kids and were hanging out by the tables or watching from the video monitors. A NOTE TO PARENTS: Staff is not babysitters and should not have to reprimand your kids when they are out of control continually. Speaking of lack of parental supervision, during our 1 hour there, a kid pooped in one of the trampoline arenas. And not just poop in the pants. There was poop on the floor. And someone in our party accidentally stepped on it barefoot :( I felt terrible for the guy who had to clean it up. He was extremely professional about it though; I have to say. But he did mention that it has happened a few times before. As far as the staff, everyone seemed friendly, although the girl at the Dodgeball Court was taking her job a little too seriously. She was a bit pushy about telling people/kids to get out when they got hit but not exactly consistent with whom she would call out. Some younger kids didn't understand the concept of the game and refused to leave the court when they accidentally caught the ball, but she was a little too insistent about asking them to go. She probably had mistaken me for a kid, also! Someone, please tell this girl to lighten up. 

I will be back as long as the place stays clean and the staff is friendly and attentive!

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