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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord, 1950 Waterworld Pkwy, Concord, CA 94520

I was really worried about the negative reviews but I love Hurricane Harbor so far. A lot of people are complaining about the cost of...well every little thing. I'm going to be honest, if you don't do your research beforehand and come here then it is going to be very expensive or a shock to you.

I moved to Walnut Creek in November of 2018. I saw Waterworld when it was unopened because it was right past Gen Korean BBQ but couldn't check it out because it wasn't the right season yet. June rolls around and I finally start looking into it. 

What we recommend for newbies with some extra money: 
We went to Hurricane Harbor's website and decided to get the 
12-month GOLD PLUS membership. This is about $7.86 a month with a $20 deposit (which equates to about $95 a year) - cheaper if you have a family of 4 or more. 


NOTE: YOU CANNOT PAY ALL 12 MONTHS UP FRONT - the membership is a contract where you say you will pay this for at least 12 months- if you try to cancel early the PENALTY is paying all of the payments up it isn't worth it. I think they want you to forget to cancel after a year or keep your membership. Gold Plus allows you to visit ALL 6 flags parks in North America while your membership is active AND includes FREE PARKING at all of these parks. We added the Premium Dining plan for $8.99 a month ($108/year) which includes lunch, dinner, and a snack EVERYDAY you go to this or any other Six Flags park + an unlimited drink cup.
TICKETS: 1-Day Admission cost here is like Disneyland- IT DEPENDS ON WHICH DAY YOU GO. CHECK THE WEBSITE. 
HOWEVER, if you live close by and might go multiple times over the summer (they are open into October) then I strongly suggest you check out the Season Pass or a level of Annual Membership. 

PARKING: The weekday I went it was $25 for parking. I did not pay for parking because I got a GOLD PLUS Membership.

FOOD: You cannot bring food into the park unless you have dietary restrictions. They will let you bring in water in water bottles and that is about it. Most Entrees are $10-17 dollars (most are around $13 for something like chicken strips and fries or a burger and fries- almost everything is like X and fries except salads). The food is decent but not mind-blowing - the prices are amusement park prices so don't be upset about that. The meals DO NOT INCLUDE A DRINK. Drinks are expensive here but you can get a refillable cup for somewhere between $16-25 depending on if you want a one-day refill cup or a season refill cup. Snacks range from $3.50-9. Beer is about $16 for a tall boy. I went on a weekday so the wait was almost non-existent. I'll try to update this when I visit on a weekend. If you buy an annual membership, I strongly recommend you add a dining pass when you do - it is well worth the money.

LOCKERS: As of June 2018, lockers start at $11 for a small size (it will fit a small beach bag or a big backpack) and go up in price to somewhere around $20 - they are pretty nice, though expensive, but you enter in a key code at a machine and you can use it multiple times within and out privileges all day.

FLOATIES/TUBES: Please note that this park does not supply it's lazy river or wave pool with tubes. You CANNOT bring in your own floaties for children or your own tubes for use in the park. They have FREE life jackets available for use all over the park in front of the wave pool (children and adult sizes) in place of bringing your own life jacket or children's floaties. As for tubes, if you want one you have to rent one from the park a single tube is about $7 +$3 deposit and a double being more..I think $12 (?) .
All the rides you ride with tubes (except wave pool and lazy river) come with tubes you pick up at the bottom of the ride and carry up. I did what another Yelper said and just floated along in the lazy river and wave pool in an adult life jacket and it was tons of fun AND I didn't have to carry around a tube or worry about it being taken.

RIDE NOTES: You cannot wear shoes on most of the rides and you have to take off GLASSES and SUNGLASSES and put them in your pocket- they will not allow them to be hung on a shirt or pants or whatever. What many people do is wear your flip flops and drop them off at the base of a ride and get them when you get off the ride. The SIDEWALK IS FREAKING HOT. My husband and I *almost* got burns on our feet because we didn't expect it to be so hot before we ditched our flip flops in a locker and our feet weren't wet yet.

NOTE: BE NICE TO THE WORKERS. For many they are giving up their summers (lots of students) to make money! Also because of the transition from Waterworld to Six Flags some people may not be able to answer all your questions so you might have to ask more than once about something by asking another person. Please be patient with these people that are trying to make a living and make sure you have a SAFE and FUN time!

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